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Professional remote support solution, no software installation required!
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Jorge Bastos
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12 June 2009

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A remote support solution enabling a user to connect to a computer remotely to carry out maintenance, troubleshooting and support operations.

Features: BeAnywhere Support Express is a remote computing solution to allow for a number of remote maintenance, troubleshooting and support operations, so that a technician can provide support to customers (or a techie to friends) without having to travel to the site of the trouble. BeAnywhere succeeds in bringing a number of remote computer management tools under the same banner and makes it really convenient for the technician involved. Apart from the remote control environment in which the user’s Desktop can be viewed and controlled by the technician, BeAnywhere provides for easy file transfer and sharing through the software interface (the remote desktop as it were serves as the connection itself), file synchronization and a specialized BeAnywhere drive which functions in much the same way as a portable hard drive because it is available at any user’s location. The connection is highly secure maintained by 2048 bit key RC4 encryption.

Overall: This is a fairly good remote computing tool. However, what is not clear is why such a software is required in the first place when there is an excellent (free) solution in the form of Windows Remote Desktop already available. As far as one can see Windows Remote Desktop environment is better designed and can be used for each and every one of the features that BeAnywhere is supposed to provide. BeAnywhere on the other hand provides a poorer interface than the one that is native to Windows Remote Desktop. There is one great convenience with BeAnywhere though and that is that it centralizes some of the most important tasks. The fact that file transfer is available in the remote computing environment itself is of great significance (something that can take some doing in a Windows Desktop environment, depending on the circumstances). If the interface is improved in future versions, this can easily become a 5 star offering.

Publisher's description

Professional remote support solution.
Unlimited support sessions. There is no limit to how many customers you provide support service or to how many support sessions you establish.
Remote control, File transfer and Chat.
No software installation required. Provide immediate support to customers and colleagues without pre-installing software.
Generate reports about your support activity over a defined period of time. Learn how many sessions have you provided to a customer and precisely how much time have your technicians spent. Export all data to an Excel file for further analysis and as proof of your work.
Applet customization. Customize the applet used by customers to send support requests with your own logo, company name and color.
High performance networking. BeAnywhere proprietary networking protocols, optimized to provide fast and secure P2P connections, will assure you the best performance.
Ultra compact. Install it on any pen drive and take it with you everywhere.
Firewall friendly. Never mind about firewalls, changing settings and IP addresses. Your only requirement is an Internet connection.
All communications are encrypted with an RC4 compatible algorithm with a 2048 bit key and are digitally signed. Every access to the Console and Management Area go through a secure HTTPS connection.
One click. That’s all it takes to start a support session with your customer. Even the most novice of the users can ask for your support with ease.
BeAnywhere is fully compatible with Windows Vista UAC. You may encounter support scenarios where you need administrative privileges to fully support the remote computer. BeAnywhere allows you to raise your permissions level by sending a request to your customer.
Web site integration. You can embed in your own site a direct access link that your customers can use to start remote support sessions.
BeAnywhere Support Express
BeAnywhere Support Express
Version 1.02
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User comments

Richard Doyle
Finally a professional remote support solution that doesn`t cost thousand of dollars.

BeAnywhere is a no frills solution and it just works!

No network configurations, no firewall rules, no dynamic IP addresses, no pre-installation of software on the client`s PC, nothing. You don`t have to worry with any of these.

I believe the reviewer missed the point a little bit. Windows remote desktop is not a remote support solution. First of all, the client must have it installed and configured on their router/firewall. Then you need to know the IP address. Oh, and just how are you going to transfer files? Forget it!
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